Debark, Ethiopia

Ranked #5 in Ethiopia Tourism

Located in northern Ethiopia, Debark one of the popular tourist destinations. This is predominantly due to its proximity to the Simien Mountains National Park. Tourists throng to Debark to especially go on those long, winding road trips to this mountain.

Simien Mountains National Park near Debark

Simien Mountains National Park near Debark

The stunning views and abundance of natural beauty makes Debark and the adjacent Simien Mountains a perfect getaway. A visit to the national park allows you to enjoy impressive, spectacular views.

Things to do in Debark

Tourists enjoy a variety of different activities here. Apart from trekking in the Bale and Dodolla Simien Mountains National Park, you can visit the Rift Valley lakes to enjoy watching birds. If you love adventure, you can enjoy white water rafting at the Omo River. Spend your leisurely hours enjoyably by attending the traditional coffee ceremony and the Azmari-bet traditional dance.

Volunteering Activities

If you are interested, there are numerous volunteering activities in and around Debark at any given time. Many volunteering projects are offered by organizations like Projects Abroad and Love Volunteers that include health care, caring for children and teaching English.

Debark Cuisine

If you love food, you will get a variety of delicious dishes in Debark. If you are a vegetarian, you can try out the vegetable stew called Shiro Wat. This is a delicious stew served with injera.

Coffee Ceremony

Coffee Ceremony

If you love beef, you can try out the popular dish tibbs. This is a butter-fried, delicious and juicy spicy beef. If you prefer meat, try the delicious Kitfo. This minced meat is laced with chilli and served with spinach and local cheese ayeb. You can either have it fully cooked, partly cooked or raw. If you wish to enjoy delicious Italian food, Debark serves lasagne and spaghetti cooked with tomato paste.

Coffee Ceremony

If you know someone personally in Debark, it is a great honor to be invited to a coffee ceremony. This ceremony involves drinking at least three cups of coffee. Popcorn is served with coffee.

The coffee served is made especially for the ceremony by roasting coffee beans over charcoal in a flat pan and grinding them with a mortar and pestle. A clay coffee pot is used to brew the coffee and served black with sugar when it starts boiling. Do not miss out the interesting coffee ceremony experience on your trip to Debark. This is one of the popular tourist destinations in this area that offers a relaxing holiday treat.

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