Death Valley, California

Ranked #2 in Hottest place on Earth. Death Valley, California is not just the 2nd hottest place on earth, but also the driest place in North America. the highest temperature recorded is 56.7 degrees Celsius (134.06 Fahrenheit). Though it is extremely hot in the Death Valley during day, the temperature falls below freezing point at night. It has a subtropical desert climate with very hot, long summers, little rainfall and mild winters. The Valley is encircled by mountains, but its surface is flat and without plants. Hence, higher percentage of sun’s heat reaches the ground and gets absorbed by the soil and rock. Despite the extreme conditions, there is a oasis near death valley.

Death Valley Lodging

Being in North America has its perks. Even the hottest place can become a great vacation destination. The Furnace Creek Resort is the place to stay. It is situated in a lush oasis surrounded by desert of Death Valley National Park. the resort is located just 120 miles north-west of Las Vegas and 275 miles north-east of Los Angeles(LA).

Death Valley Lodging - Furnace Creek Resort

Death Valley Lodging – Furnace Creek Resort

Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California

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