Dead Sea, Jordan – The Lowest Point On Earth

Dead Sea is a lake bordering Jordan and Israel; and is the “Lowest point on Earth“. Why is it called the Dead Sea? - Because the Dead Sea is almost 8 times saltier than the ocean. Due to its salinity, the surrounding area is not conducive for animals inhabitation, thus the name “Dead Sea”. It is also the saltiest lake in the world.

Dead Sea Jordan - Lowest point on Earth

Dead Sea Jordan – Lowest point on Earth

Why Is The Dead Sea So Salty

The vast area collects water from numerous rivers, the main being Jordan River. Once the water reaches the Dead Sea there is no place to escape, the water evaporates leaving salt and rich minerals to accumulate. Some of its products are also used in industry, agriculture and medicines to relieve pain and sufferings due to arthritis, rheumatism, psoriasis, eczema, headache and foot-ache.

Dead Sea Jordan

The Dead Sea lies more than 400 m below sea level, and spreads out to a length of 55 kms and the widest area is 18 kms wide, in the Jordan valley. It lies south-east of Amman the modern and ancient capital of Jordan. You have to take 30 minutes drive from Amman through the most marvellous landscape. As you reach, will see a stone marked “Sea Level”; and then the descend begins.

Dead Sea from the Sky

Dead Sea from the Sky

 Tourism at The Dead Sea

Jordanian east coast of the Dead Sea has developed into a major tourist attraction of both religious and health & wellness tourism in the region. One of the main attractions of the Dead Sea is its soothing warm water which is rich in sodium, potassium magnesium and many more. The salt content in the water helps you swim, rather float effortlessly. The mineral rich salt and mud has attracted people for a thousand years, including King Herod the Great and Cleopatra the beautiful queen of Egypt (just to name a few). The Dead Sea’s black mud is a good natural face pack and is used in many cosmetics

Dead Sea Black Mud

Dead Sea Black Mud

  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan  where Jesus was baptised  is located half an hour by car from Amman,,
  • Located on the Dead Sea main road, two kilometres after the hotels area is Amman Touristic Beach ideal for beach parties and events
Dead Sea Tourism - Floating in the Water

Dead Sea Tourism – Floating in the Water


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