Crooked Forest, Poland – Strange Tidings or Mans Work?

The Crooked Forest of Poland looks like a scene from a “Harry Potter” movie. 400 pine trees bent from the bottom trunk to form a “C-shape” before it goes back again as any normal tree. While some say they were forced by man to gross this way others attribute it to some strange play of mother nature. We thought this will be a memorable experience for anyone visiting Poland.

Crooked Forest Photos

Some say the bent tree trunks were used for (or planned to be used for) furniture legs, building structure, art/sculptures. Its as debatable as conspiracy theory.

How to reach the Crooked Forest?

The Crooked Forest is located in the outskirts of Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerani province. Stranger still, the Crooked Forest is surrounded by a much bigger forest region where straight growing pine trees are found in plenty in the township of Gryfino.

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