Colombian People

Colombian people speak predominantly Spanish, which is the official language, and their religion is predominantly Roman Catholic. The church has had a prominent role in the areas such as marriage, family, and education. Colombian people love their family and staying close to their family. And although it is rare to find anyone other than immediate families living under one roof, other relatives are usually not very far away.

Colombian People

Colombian People (credit)

Because of their ever-increasing age and wisdom, those in their higher years of life are respected greatly by those in their younger years. The reverence is clearly displayed by people serving them first and preferring them over others, and also looking to them to make decisions.

In Colombia, there is a higher class, a middle class, and a lower class. The higher class enjoys things such as giving birth in a clinic, not having to work, and attending higher education if they choose. The lower class – and medium class in instances – is forced to give birth in their own home, forced to work to help bring in money, and have no shot at gaining a higher education in their present circumstances. That is an unbecoming fact known not just by Colombian people but by many people throughout the world.


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