Cienfuegos, Cuba

“The Pearl of the South” – this is what Cienfuegos is called by everyone that has spent at least a day in this beautiful city. Its amazing architecture is what has made it gain this kind of title.

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba (credit)

Cienfuegos Cuba Attractions

In Cienfuegos you will find some of the most wonderful examples of the local architecture. The historic center of Cienfuegos has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes this city so unique among the others is that it’s the only Cuban city that was established by the French. The French influence can be sensed in many aspects, especially the architecture. Accurate, symmetrical architecture with all the sophisticated buildings is what turned Cienfuegos into the “Pearl”. Cienfuegos Cathedral, Palacio de Valle, Teatro Tomas Terry, Palacio de Ferrer are only a very few attractions in Cienfuegos.

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