Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park in Kenya is a magical land that combines awe-inspiring volcanic scenery and rich wildlife. It is an excellent place for wildlife and adventure lovers.

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How to get to Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park is located in Kibwezi district, Eastern Kenya. You can reach the place by air or by road. The National Park has two airstrips. From Kibwezi you can take the roadways and travel about 9 kms to reach the Park.

Chyulu Hills National Park can be visited anytime of the year. The weather is always pleasant here. Chyulu Park is spread out over the youngest mountain range in the world. The mountain range comprises of craters and ash cones. From the crest of the Chyulu Hills, you can see the snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit Best African safari tours for more information on tours in Africa.

Chyulu Hills National Park Wildlife

Chyulu Hills National Park - Leopards are common here

Chyulu Hills National Park – Leopards are common here

Chyulu Hills National Park offers stunning views over rolling plains of volcanic soil. The thick forest is the habitat of many animal species, including Black Rhino, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Zebra, Leopard, Cheetah and Lions can also be spotted in the Park. Lake Jipe is located in the south west of the park and is a heaven to birding enthusiasts. Francolinus shelleyi, Polemaetus bellicosus, Bradypterus cinnamomeus and Zoothera gurneyi are some of the bird species that can be viewed here. The Park is home to many types of insects, including beetles and butterflies. Reptiles like black mamba, Gecko, tortoise and rock python can be seen here.

Attractions & Activities

Giraffe - Chyulu Hills National Park

Giraffe – Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu National park boasts of three campsites with essential amenities. You can enjoy a wide range of activities, including bird watching, wild life observing, camping, trekking, game viewing, mountain hiking and horse riding in the park. You can also enjoy cave exploration with the equipment and safety gear available for rent here and guided safari walks, which let you explore nature in a more relaxed manner. You can enjoy viewing the diverse landscape of the park, with its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.

Chyulu National Park is a great place to visit to enjoy a perfect holiday. The region receives rainfall twice a year, which assures permanent fresh water sources in the nearby plains. The hills are almost uninterrupted and serene shelter for wildlife and vegetation.

Chyulu Hills National Park Safari & Tours

Park Contact Information
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Postal Address:
The Warden,
Chyulu Hills National Park
P.O Box 458 – 90137

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