Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

If you ever plan visiting Botswana, you most certainly have to include Chobe National Park as a part of the itinerary. The park has been established relatively long ago – in 1968 (it is the first national park in Botswana) and today it occupies the area of about 11 700 square kilometers. Park is well-known due to its concentration of game which, as it is claimed, is one of the most concentrated not only in the country but in the whole continent as well. Biodiversity and opportunity to see such large number of wild animals is the main reason why thousands of visitors every year arrive in Chobe National Park.

Chobe National Park Zones & Wildlife

Park is divided in four geographical zones: the Ngwezumba pans, Linyanti, the Chobe Riverfront and Linyant. As the name of the park already indicates, the magnificent river Chobe is the reason of such rich biodiversity and a cause why so many different animals can easily be observed there.

Kalahari Elephants - The Biggest Elephants you can see

Kalahari Elephants – The Biggest Elephants you can see

The most well-known of them are elephants. It is estimated that one of the biggest elephant populations in Africa (~ 50 000 of them), in fact, lives in Chobe National Park. Those are Kalahari elephants – the biggest elephants you can see – and, while taking a tour trough the park or river cruise, it does not takes too much effort to see them passing by or gathering by the river. Other animals inhabiting the territory are cape buffalos, giraffes, baboons, waterbucks, kudu, impalas and many others.

Chobe National Park is also a great place for the most passionate bird watchers since about 460 bird species are living in the area. Egyptian Geese, pel’s Fishing Owl, Fish Eagle and the Sacred Ibis are just a few species to be named.
The park is fell-facilitated for tourists and if you are willing to overnight there various camping sites have been established e.g. Linyanti Bush Camp, Linyanti Ebony, Ihana, Savuti and others.

Kalahari Elephant

Kalahari Elephant

Chobe National park is the most remarkable sightseeing highlight in Botswana and since it has gained some significance in the Africa as well it undoubtedly is a great place to visit.

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