Chinese People

China forms about 20% of the whole world’s population and you most probably have met some of Chinese people already. Although, a lot of them have emigrated from their own country and accepted the western lifestyle, real China is still very different and its people is something really worth getting to know.

Chinese People

Chinese People (credit)

In general you will see Chinese people as very calm and peaceful people who will not show their emotions in public. However, it does not mean they will not help, they are also very hospitable and kind so if you approach a local with a question e.g. about the location of some sightseeing highlight, they will really try to help you out and solve the problem related to anything. Although the economy of China is growing, majority of Chinese people is still living very simple and modest life, so you will not see expensive cars rolling on the street and people dressed in latest brands and bright accessories.

Chinese people are quite humble and when meeting a foreigner they usually don’t use bright expressions, however, do not be surprised if you see them arguing in everyday situations like standing in the line (most of the shops are really crowded so standing in the line and fighting for your place is very common).

In general, Chinese people will treat you with great respect, but they will not be the ones to quickly call you a friend. However, most of them are not rude, they will not show the affection but you will sense it anyway no matter where in China you travel.


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