Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Ranked #10 in Switzerland Tourism

Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, also called the Kapellbrücke, is a 204-meter long bridge that makes its elegant way across the Reuss River, connecting the upper part of the Swiss city named after the same.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne (credit)

Chapel Bridge Trivia

Originally starting out for defense purposes in 1333 this is the oldest wooden covered bridge Europe has. Being enclosed, you’ll see 17th century paintings hung inside, depicting much of Lucerne’s rich history. The fire of 1993 did its fair share of damage to Chapel Bridge but timely restoration efforts saved the day. Also check out the octagonal 140-meter brick tower called the Wasserturm (Water Tower), standing adjacent to the bridge. It has its own stories to tell, what with it having served as a prison, torture chamber and treasury at various stages of Lucerne’s past, with its latest role being that of watchtower.

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