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Have you heard of Cave Hotel in Turkey? As everyone knows, there were the times when people were living in caves but as the skills of human developed they started building houses we forgot about such functions of the caves for many centuries. However, you will be surprised to find out that today caves actually are used in tourism and not only as interesting nature sites but also as unusual yet comfortable accommodation. Are you already interested in this? Then book a flight to Turkey, more specifically –Cappadocia, where you will have a chance to spend a night in one of their cave hotels.

Cave Hotel Cappadocia - Elkep Evi

Cave Hotel Cappadocia – Elkep Evi

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Cave Hotel Categories

Actually, as you go through the offer of cave hotels in the area, you will see that there is more than just one and that they even are of several categories: budget cave hotels (dorm rooms, guesthouses, pensions), as well as deluxe and exclusive cave hotels. Yet the main point is quite simple – it is a rare opportunity and experience of another kind.

Cave Hotel Room

The cave rooms do not need any air conditioning since they are cool enough in summer and warm in winters. You will find yourself not only in a comfortable and pleasant accommodation, but also in a historic and unique atmosphere.  Moreover you will find that the owners of the caves have managed to take care of all the necessary facilities a guest could ask for – electricity, bathroom, and comfortable beds. Etc.

Cave Hotel Room - Elkep Evi

Cave Hotel Room – Elkep Evi

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The list of the potential hotels you could spend the night in is quite long, but here are some spots you can look up to if you fully want to experience Cappadocia and its particularity: Serinn House, Dervish Cave House, Caravanseral Cave Hotel, Village Cave House Hotel, Yunak Evleri and many more. Some of them are simpler, but some provide more luxurious service, for all that, the common feature is the truly incredible nature you will be able to observe.

The Cappadocia is a place with remarkable scenery and exciting history that dates back to the 2nd century BC, and the historic ambience has not yet vanished. So, if you want to have an authentic experience while visiting Turkey, certainly stop by in some of the cave hotels.

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