Pororoca Waves

January 30th, 2014 | by jonesben

Every year, thousands of surfers flick the Beach of Araguari River in the Minas Gerais state in Brazil just to

Bolivian People

June 27th, 2013 | by chris_w

Bolivian people and music are quite inseparable. In fact, Bolivia has a well-known knack for playing the pan pipes, or pan

Argentine People

June 27th, 2013 | by jonesben

Argentine people are Roman Catholic, but only a small percentage of those attend church regularly and practice it emphatically. Argentina is

Colombian People

June 27th, 2013 | by nancy

Colombian people speak predominantly Spanish, which is the official language, and their religion is predominantly Roman Catholic. The church has

Peruvian People

June 27th, 2013 | by sarajohnson

One of the official languages of Peru is Spanish, but Quechua and Aymara also hold the status of being an

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