Caracol, Belize

Caracol, Belize

Caracol, Belize (credit)

The greatest of the all ancient archaeological sites to be found in Belize, Caracol is stunning complex, situated in the Chiquibui Forest Reserve.

Caracol Ruins Belize

It covers the area of 30 sq. miles and incorporates more than 35 thousand identified buildings. In the ancient times, this Mayan city was even larger than today is Belize City and it had twice as much inhabitants as it has now. The pyramid of Canaa is probably the most amazing structure in Caracol. 136 feet high, it is among the tallest ones in whole ancient Belize. The entrance fee in Caracol costs $15 and visiting this once enormous and powerful site of ancient Mayans is definitely worth every cent!

Caracol Ruins

Caracol Ruins (credit)

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