Canals of Venice

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From all the tourism destinations in Europe, Venice certainly is among the most exciting and historically rich ones. It is a city situated on the island in the southern part of Italy and unlike from usually cities in the world, instead of streets you will meet countless canals to cross. These Canals of Venice are one of the main attractions in Venice. Almost every corner of Venice is like from a sophisticated painting: resplendent Renaissance, Baroque and other period architecture, gondoliers, who will offer you their services without any hesitation (though, before getting in gondola, carefully consider whether you can afford this drive), beauteous squares, museums, many restaurants, cafes and shops.

Canals of Venice - Grand Canal

Canals of Venice – Grand Canal

Grand Canal Venice – Most famous of all Canals of Venice

The most famous of all the canals in the city is the Grand Canal. It is the main canal in Venice, it has a shape of letter “S” and it crosses all the central area of the city. Canal is significant as the main way of the internal traffic. Great number of private taxis, water buses and gondolas are carrying passengers every day. The main bridges of the canal are Ponte Degli Scalzi, Ponte dell’ Accademia and Ponte di Rialto. While driving along the canal, you will be able to enjoy such remarkable architectural examples as Palazzo Grimani, Palazzo Dario, Ca d’Oro, Ca’ Pesaro and others.

There are hundreds of smaller canals in the entire city and, if you feel physically ready to walk a lot, the best way to get to know them is by crossing the great number of the smaller bridges. It is a truly authentic experience since you will meet lots of great buildings on your way.

You can certainly stop in some of the restaurants or cafes e.g. Alfredo’s Fresh Pasta to Go, Antico Forno, Cafe Centrale and many others. Since there are hundreds of them, you can make your choice depending on your desires and budget but if you want to economy the money, most probably the best idea would be to shop in some of the local stores, where in the season, delicious local fruits and fishes can be purchased.

The accommodation facilities in Venice are of a great variety as well but be prepared that the prices will be rather high since almost 10 million tourists a year visit the city. It is advised to spend the night somewhere outside the city center e.g. in the Padua, though, if preparing carefully prior going to Venice, it is possible to have a good deal in finding the accommodation there as well.

With rich historical legacy and unique location, Venice is definitely a sightseeing highlight worth visiting. Schedule more than a day or two, since Venice has a lot to offer and it would be a shame not to fully enjoy this eminent city.

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