Canadian People

If you are looking for truly open, kind and tolerant attitude, then Canada is the place to be. And of course it is like that only thanks to its people. The society of Canada is known to be very multi-cultural and for several decades already the Canadian government accents the necessity to urge people to accept each other despite racial and ethnical differences. And, in fact, this policy has some significant success as you probably will be able to observe it from the perspective of a foreign guest as well.

Canadian People

Canadian People (credit)

So, as you understand, Canadian people are also really friendly and helpful, but when meeting them do not forget about their private space – a warm kiss on a cheek and a hug probably is not what they expect when meeting a person for the first time.

Canada is bilingual country and a great majority of Canadian people can speak both English and French. In some parts you will hear that French is more spoken than English, but do not worry if you are not a French speaker yourself – most of them will perfectly understand English as well and will not refuse to communicate in this language with you.

In general Canadian mentality is all about kindness and politeness and in most of the cases these characteristics are not fake, Canadian people are being sincerely nice and they really believe that this kind of attitude towards each other is one of the best ways in having a great and happy society.


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