Cahuita, Costa Rica

Cahuita, Costa Rica

Cahuita, Costa Rica (credit)

Cahuita, a charming hospitable town is certain to impress anyone. Modernity has only recently cropped up here, making this town a wonderful source of local history and culture that’s still going strong. Highway 36 and another one from San José to Puerto Limón have made it easier for tourists to get here and are superb locations to take a few travel photos on or nearby.

Cahuita Attractions

The black sands of Negra Beach are a marvel to look at as well as spend time on. Check out Cahuita National Park with its many wonders, conservation efforts and a white sand beach to die for. There’s also snorkeling, scuba diving and reef sightseeing for all those who love underwater exploration. Food is rather unique here, so be sure to try their zesty flavors.

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park (credit)

Negra Beach

Negra Beach (credit)

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