Caernarfon Castle, UK

If you ever happen to be visiting northern part of Wales, Caernarfon Castle undoubtedly is ought to be in your must-see list. Not only the history and stories surrounding the castle are worth knowing, but the castle’s rather magnificent appearance and overall image and size is going to take your breath away for sure.

Caernarfon Castle, UK

Caernarfon Castle, UK (credit)

History of Caernarfon Castle

The history of the development of Caernarfon Castle can be divided into three major periods. The first one is the early period described by the events of 11th century when, after the conquest of England, the Normans started to look towards Wales as their next territory to be conquered. Norman Robert Rhuddlan was the head of Wales at the time and after he was killed his cousin decided to build three castles in order to preserve the control over the land one of them being in Caernarfon.

Caernarfon Castle back in the day

Caernarfon Castle back in the day (credit)

The second period is related to the rule of Edward I in the 13th century. He led the fights against the Welsh who were struggling to gain their land back. One by one Edward conquered castle after castle and it was him who gave the order to start the transformation work of Caernarfon Castle. It was necessary to have some additional town walls to construct a new quay etc. Since then the castle experienced several damages as the Welsh still kept rebelling the English power and that is why many of the initial plans related to the expansion of the castle were never fully finished and implemented.

The period after that, though, was not that favorable for the magnificent structure – it was damaged a couple of times more, besieged by Welsh troops and the new government did not see the importance of the castle as it used to be. Until the end of 19th century Caernarfon Castle was neglected yet luckily in 1870 the government decided that the castle needs to be repaired and preserved so the funds were given to start rebuilding works and basically that is why the castle is still standing for us to visit and adore.

Caernarfon Castle Design

Besides the protection the castle also had to represent the power and mightiness of the English. It was built rather solid and impressive even with some features, which were not that common for most of the castles e.g. polygonal towers instead of round ones. Indeed, the appearance of the castle highlights it among the various castles in Wales and after paying a visit your camera most probably will be loaded with different kind of images from Caernarfon!

The castle is available for visitors from 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11am to 4pm Sundays. Adult ticket price is £6.00, family – £18.00 and senior citizens, students and children under 16 – £4.50.

Inside Caernarfon Castle

Inside Caernarfon Castle (credit)

Castle in Caernarfon

Castle in Caernarfon (credit)

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