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Buzios Beach, Brazil

Buzios Beach, Brazil

When you think of a beach resort town near Rio with just the right crowd, Buzios in Brazil comes to mind. Just two hours from Rio de Janeiro sits a beach town that is destined for one thing: to take your breath away. There are designer boutiques, private homes and little pousadas along the hills, adding to the fabulous nature of the town.

The landscape is something out of a nature magazine. Buzios has all the elements for a beach town – blue warm water, soft sand, lush vegetation and the backdrop of hillocks and mountain ranges are simply stunning.

Most people don’t know that the Hollywood beauty Brigitte Bardot visited in 1964 with her boyfriend and practically put it on the map.

Buzios Beaches & Activities

There are about 20 beaches in Buzios between the east coast and west coast. The west coast is protected by a bay area, and as a result has gentle waters – perfect for people visiting with kids or for scuba diving & snorkelling. The east coast faces the open sea with rough waters making it a great venue for surfing and other water sports.

Ferradura, João Fernandes is the most famous beach in Buzios with many bars, night clubs and restaurants along the beach.  Armação, Geribá and Manguinhos are beaches know for surfing and wind surfing. Buzios is also known for its energetic night-life!

Ferradura João Fernandes, Famous beach in Buzio Brazil

Ferradura João Fernandes, Famous beach in Buzio Brazil

How to get to Buzios Beach

As mentioned earlier, it’s about two hours away from Rio by car or some other motor vehicle. There’s the BR-101 to consider too. Buses aren’t out of the equation and as for flights, expect to land on a Friday or Sunday.

Beyond Buzios Beaches

It’s not all about beaches here. Check out the Taua Reserve. It’s a park where you’ll find all things anthropological, archaeological and geographical. There are wild animals too that are happy to be fed healthy snacks by you, provided it’s in line with what the place allows.

It’s Brazil, for crying out loud, so don’t forget the colorful birds. There are hundreds of species in this Park. Being part of the Ocean at one time, you’ll find sea shell covered forest floors and a fossil beach too. Since beaches are what we’re mainly talking about, the fossil beach just mentioned makes all the rest of the Reserve worth visiting. Take plenty of pictures for you won’t easily find a place like this elsewhere.

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