Bushiribana Ruins, Aruba

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While exploring the northern coast of Aruba island you most probably will pass some quite impressive, Bushiribana ruins.

Bushiribana Ruins, Aruba

Bushiribana Ruins, Aruba (credit)

Bushiribana Ruins Trivia

You won’t see any signs there but if you happen to be by these remains, it is worth knowing that it is what has been left from old gold mines. The history of Bushiribana Smelter dates back almost 200 years ago, but, in fact, it worked only for 10 years. The surroundings and scenery there is quite nice, however, if visiting the ruins without any guide could not be that interesting due to the lack of information available on the site.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins (credit)

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