Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Ranked #1 of 10 in Tallest Building in the World. Ever felt tiny when standing next to some buildings? Thought that Egyptian pyramids are huge? Well, you are wrong, because comparing to Burj Khalifa, they even seem rather small. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is world’s tallest human built structure. Ever.

Burj Khalifa reaches the sky with the height of 829 meters and it was opened in January 4, 2010, it took only six years for this feat of engineering to be completed. It is an example of the well-being of Dubai which has gone through some unbelievable changes in just a few decades. It took only 30 years for the city to become an international business center whereas it was only a regional one before. The tower can be considered as a celebration of this.

Burj Khalifa World Records

The construction of Burj Khalifa has broken many world records, including tallest structure on the planet, tallest building ever built, building with most floors (163), world’s fastest elevator, world’s highest nightclub (at the 144th floor) and many others. It is a truly inspiring proof of an unlimited development of engineering. (photo credit)

The tower is planned to become a home and work-place for 12 thousand people. There are numerous restaurants, Armani hotel, corporate suites and already mention record owning club. If you are not sure that you understand how exactly high it is – they say that it is 10 degrees Celsius degrees colder at the top of the tower than at the base of it. Can you imagine it?  (photo credit)

Burj Khalifa - View From Top

Burj Khalifa – View From Top

Burj Khalifa Features & Amenities

Outside the tower an impressive 27 acre park and an amazing fountain is located, but the visitors of the tower are also advised to take a look at the blooming city from the 124th floor where an observation desk is situated.

Not only you will enjoy the amazing view, but also during your way to the desk, you will be informed about the history of the building with multi-media presentation. The building has become a popular object of those fond of base jumping and it is the most likely, that it will eventually become a world wide symbol of Dubai and the whole Arab world in general.

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