Burg Al Arab, World’s Only 7-Star Hotel

Most people don’t know that Burj Al Arab means “Tower of the Arabs”, but they do know that it is among the most expensive hotels in the world (at least for now). It is a beach front luxury hotel of Jumeirah, a group well known in Dubai for luxury hotels. The island where Burj Al Arab stands is a reclaimed land and interestingly the beach front was previously known as Chicago Beach.

Burg Al Arab, World's Only 7-Star Hotel

Burg Al Arab, World’s Only 7-Star Hotel

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Burj Al Arab Inception

Inside Burg Al Arab, World's Only 7-Star Hotel

Inside Burg Al Arab, World’s Only 7-Star Hotel

The idea of Burj Al Arab was planned in October 1993, commenced construction in 1994 and completed in 1999. Tom Wright is the architect and designer of the Burj al Arab. It stands dominating the Dubai skyline with a height of 321 metres; shape resembling a ships mast, impressive by any standard.

 Burj Al Arab Records

Burj Al Arab has broken many records is hospitality and service. Spending a day or few hours is like dream come true and if you are in the vicinity not visiting is as good as kicking  yourself. There is some planning needed because entry is based on advance booking. Without  ought to present the registration details at the gate into the island you wont be permitted.

Hotel Suite, Room Burg Al Arab

Hotel Suite, Room Burg Al Arab

From the moment you enter you can experience their Arabian hospitality. From the finest Tea of Asia to the seven-course meal by the water, every bit is planned to perfection. Make sure to keep your smartphone handy for quick snaps. The pictures captured from here would be most outstanding collection among the hotels you visited, so do not miss out in the midst of glitter.

The suites are so spacious that each has about 100 light bulbs. While all suites have a panoramic view, as you go higher you get a better perspective. The suites also come with a private office  comprising of laptop with high speed wireless internet connection, scanner and private facsimile. A office away from work for the busy bees.  Finally enjoy the rain shower and Jacuzzi with romantic aromatherapy bath after basking in the sun.

For the little ones their very own theme parks –  Sinbad’s Kids Club and the Wild Wadi Water Park.

Burg Al Arab night view

Burg Al Arab night view

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