Bunaken, Indonesia

Bunaken, Indonesia

Bunaken, Indonesia (credit)

Ranked #6 in Indonesia tourismBunaken is a breathtaking underwater world that will truly blow you away. The coral and marine life is spectacular, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving enjoyable.

Bunaken Attractions

Essentially part of the Bunaken National Park, the 8 square-kilometer spread of Bunaken is a marine-themed one, calling the north section of Sulawesi Island home. With a prime spot smack in the center of what’s called the Coral Triangle, it’s no surprise there are about 390 coral species here that inspired that name to begin with and attract several scuba diving enthusiasts and tourists every year. Bunaken National Park, of which Bunaken is part, has seven times more coral species than Hawaii. Instead of creating a park to grow and nurture diverse marine species, Bunaken was built to house an already thriving marine ecosystem, keeping a check on over-fishing and other discriminatory activities, consequently safeguarding one of the most pristine underwater realms in the world.

Bunaken - Scuba Diving

Bunaken – Scuba Diving (credit)

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