Bulguksa Temple, South Korea

Bulguksa Temple, South Korea

Bulguksa Temple, South Korea (credit)

If you are interested in visitation of some truly prominent sacred sites in South Korea, Bulguksa Temple most definitely is the one to be included in the list.

Bulguksa Temple Trivia

The temple was founded in 535 but as the years went, it experienced numerous changes and reconstructions. The current temple was built in 751. Due to various national treasures and relics for example Golden Seated Vairocana Buddhist Figure, Sakyamuni Pagoda, Many Treasure Pagoda the site has gained some serious recognition not only nationally but also internationally and hence it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While walking around the site you will surely be delighted by the impressive halls of the temple such as Daeungjeon, Gwaneumjeon, Geuknakjeon and Birojeon.

Bulguksa Temple - Side View

Bulguksa Temple – Side View (credit)

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