British People

British people have a type of sense of humor that many may not be able to truly comprehend or value. They poke fun at many things, but their humor is founded in the tone of understating and there are many innuendos to be heard and understood. British people don’t always come right out and say what they mean or want but rather they leave it up to the hearer to decipher the meaning.

British People

British People (credit)

British people encompass English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh. The locations in which to find British people are in the UK, but they are also inhabitants of England, Wales, and Scotland. It is important to note that British and English are not at all synonymous, as although England is inside of Great Britain, not every British person is English. Attitudes can be taken when they are addressed wrongly.

Girls of Britain

Girls of Britain (credit)

The British are a very affectionate-speaking to people, attributing terms of endearment to many around them, even those they do not know. Terms such as love, duck, or mate are a few that are used. The British are known for having impeccable manners – tableside and public. A few famous people born in Great Britain are Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and William Shakespeare.


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