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Brazil Tourism

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Brazil Tourism - With world famous festivals, unique wildlife ecosystems, numerous blue water beaches, friendly people and a party atmosphere all year round; travel to Brazil is a journey full of excitement. You can choose from partying at the RIO Carnival or at  the beaches in Florianopolis to joining expeditions into the Amazon or  Iguazu Falls.

Brazil Tourism – Top 10

Below are the major tourist attractions and reasons why tourism in  Brazil is flourishing.

1. Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is the largest festival in the world with millions of people in streets dancing and partying to Brazilian Samba. The carnival showcases floats and dance performance by samba schools. Typically the Rio Carnival takes place in February or March and peak season for Brazil tourism industry.

#1 in Brazil Tourism - Rio Carnival

#1 in Brazil Tourism – Rio Carnival

 2. Iguazu Falls

Arguably the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls is a culmination of 275 waterfalls spread in a horseshoe shape along the Brazil-Argentina border. As you can see the surrounding forest cover is preserved by national parks. Iguazu was one of the earliest contributors to tourism in Brazil.

Iguazu falls is #2 in Brazil Tourism

Iguazu falls is #2 in Brazil Tourism

3. Amazon Rainforest Tours

Amazon Rainforest spans across 9 different countries of which Brazil has the maximum area. Home to many creatures wild Amazon has one of the highest density of animals and plants on the planet. A must see for an adventure tourist in Brazil. Amazon also has the most species in a given area.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Brazil

4. Christ the Redeemer

A magnificent proof of human faith and a feat of engineering, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is the symbol of the city and one of the most famous sites in Argentina. It is world’s largest Art Deco sculpture. Built in the first decades of the 20th century, Christ the Redeemer still erects above the Brazilian land and is open to the public.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio

Christ the Redeemer, Rio

5. Snake Island

Imagine a fairly large and beautiful tropical island where no permanent inhabitants have settled for some reason. Snake island off the Brazilian coast is exactly a case like that. The name of the island clearly indicates what keeps people away from it. A great variety of poisonous snakes inhabit the island thus only very few are allowed to enter the area.

Snake Island Brazil

Snake Island Brazil

 6. Pantanal Wetlands

Pantanal wetlands is the smaller version of the Amazon Rainforest, and requires less time to get the full experience. There is plenty of wildlife ranging from marsh deer, capybaras, peccaries, monkeys, macaws  and  alligators to the hard to find ones like jaguars and anacondas.

Pantanal, Brazil - Wetlands

Pantanal, Brazil – Wetlands

7. Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf mountain, greatly erecting above the land of Rio de Janeiro, reminded the locals of the shape of the refined sugar loaf. This is where it got its name. Sugarloaf mountain is a superb place for mountain-climbing as well as for amazing cable-car ride all the way up to the summit. Sugar Loaf has been depicted in several classical Hollywood movies and it is a must-visit site during your stay in Rio!

Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil

Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil

8. Copacabana Beach

One of the world’s most popular beaches, Copacabana (situated near the Sugar Loaf mountain) is a superb vacation destination that gained its fame because of the numerous hotels, casinos, restaurants and nightclubs that were established in the 1950′s. Copacabana will keep you busy – from calming day by the seaside to vibrant nightlife.

Copacabana Beach, Rio

Copacabana Beach, Rio

9. Balneario Camboriu – Local Brazil Tourism Hub

Balneario Camboriu is a major resort destination among South Americans. Though the town has only 100,000 residents, the population in summer hits over a million. Many high-end night clubs, restaurants and vip-parties makes it a desirable party hub.

Balneario Camboriu - Local Tourist Hub in Brasil

Balneario Camboriu – Local Tourist Hub in Brazil

10. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Brazil. The stunning white dunes that remind of bedsheets and wonderful lagoons make it a truly magnificent view and a great destination for various out-door attractions.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

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