Borobudur Buddhist Temple, Indonesia

Ranked #2 in Indonesia tourismBorobudur in Indonesia is the “largest Buddhist temple in the world” and as an outstanding universal value it is for sure one of the most amazing places to visit.

Borobudur History

Borobudur Buddhist Temple

Borobudur Buddhist Temple

The history of this truly magnificent temple dates from the 8th and 9th century. It used to serve as a Buddhist temple until about 15th century. Sadly, for some unknown reasons it was forsaken until even the 19th century but fortunately, in the 20th century, after the discovery of such imposing but forgotten site, a reconstruction work was finally started and the place once again was revealed to the world. Of course, nowadays the value and importance of such remarkable historical site has not been left understated and in order to preserve it, Borobudur Temple Compounds have been included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

The complex consists of three main sites: Borobudur temple, Mendut temple and Pawon temple. The monument includes six square platforms and three circular platforms. More than 2000 relief panels (they introduce with Sanskrit inscriptions and several stories such as the birth of Buddha, the law of karma and others) and 500 statues of Buddha have been placed on the temple. There are two museums established in the site – Samudraraksa Museum and Karmabwihanga Museum where the guests are introduced with the naval history and archaeological findings of the Borobudur.

Borobudur, Indonesia

Borobudur, Indonesia

If it is not enough with the architectural, religious and cultural values, you can surely enjoy the beautiful nature of the place. If you do not want to meet with masses of tourists you can arrive there before the sunrise and observe it in peace. If you are there on the right time, you might also have an incredible chance to take part in such festivals as Waisak, which is the day when the birth of Buddha is celebrated, and Mahakarya Borobudur, which is a traditional Javanese ballet performance introducing with the history of the temple.

Borobudur Visiting Hours

Buddhists and pilgrims are still worshiping this place but it is also open to regular visitors. Entrance fees are not too high and the site is open to visitors from 6 AM to 5 PM. Though, since it is deeply religious place, tourists are advised to wear a sarong, but do not worry if you do not have one – in that case you will be provided with a sarong on the spot. Prior going to the temple, be sure that you will be physically ready for that, since getting on the top of the monument, where the central stupa is located, takes quite an effort.

If ever having a chance to go to Borobudur, one just simply cannot reject it, since all the unbelievable values which tell us about the time hundreds of years ago and immeasurable glory is something that cannot be missed and definitely is worth seeing.

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