Bonito, Brazil

Ranked #4 in Best Places to Visit in Brazil

Bonito is a small town in Brazil said to have one of the clearest/purest flowing river system in the world; attributed to large deposits of limestone that form a natural filtration system. The result is a network of blue azure water ways. Here are top things to do in Bonito.

Bonito Brazil - The Blue River

Bonito Brazil – The Blue River

Rio da Prata, Bonito

Rio da Prata (the blue river) is the pride and glory of Bonito. Many tours organize expeditions to the river – which is usually a hike along one of the many trails, snorkelling, a swim in the river followed by lunch.

Rio da Prata, Bonito, Brazil

Rio da Prata, Bonito, Brazil

Gruta do Lago Azul, Bonito

An underground lake inside a cave with bright blue waters is an amazing sight. To see the underground blue lake you have to go down 100+ meters from the surface. Its about 10Kms from downtown Bonito.

Gruta do Lago Azul, Bonito - Underground Cave Lake

Gruta do Lago Azul, Bonito – Underground Cave Lake

Buraco das Araras, Bonito

Literally meaning “Hole of the Macaws”, Buraco das Araras is one of the largest cave holes in South America with forest growing inside, and home to one of the most diverse species of birds, especially macaws; hence the name. The cave is 130m deep and 500m in diameter with a lake inside that has a type of crocodile (broad-snouted caimans) living in it.

Buraco das Araras, Bonito

Buraco das Araras, Bonito 

Downtown Bonito

In downtown Bonito you will find boutique shops, restaurants (both high-end and budget), cafés and many tours offering exploration of Bonito’s unique waterways and off neighbouring Pantanal wetlands.


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