Bolivian People

Bolivian people and music are quite inseparable. In fact, Bolivia has a well-known knack for playing the pan pipes, or pan flutes. Another instrument the Bolivian people are keen on playing is the charango, which is a guitar-type instrument that is usually made from the shell of an armadillo. With all of this musical talent, Bolivian people do not let it go to waste; they use their gifts or all on the festivals they have.

Bolivian People

Bolivian People (credit)

According to the 2009 Constitution, Spanish and all of the indigenous languages are official languages of Bolivia. While there are over thirty different languages, Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, and Pano are several to be heard in Bolivia. The religious consensus in Bolivia is Roman Catholic, although not everyone claims to have that belief.

Islam is present, as is a Jewish community, and even a Mormon society. There are some who claim that Roman Catholicism is their belief and choose to intertwine their tribal, native views with it. Besides all of that, according to the 2009 Constitution, Bolivia is technically a secular state, but these beliefs are still intact. Living situations in Bolivia are very tightknit. Generations of one family can be found living in one house.


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