Bokor National Park, Cambodia

When mentioning national parks people tend to imagine nature trails and safaris, but tourists, who plan to visit Bokor National Park, should know that this park is a bit different from what we usually call “a national park” (however, this is not meant in a negative way).

Bokor National Park, Cambodia

Bokor National Park, Cambodia (credit)

Bokor National Park Attractions

Bokor National Park is a scenic area, whose main values are the historic buildings that have remained since the French colonial times. The most notable ones are the Old Catholic Church, Le Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino and Ruins of the Black Palace. You should also go and see Pokopvil Waterfall and 100 Rice Fields. However, prior going there visitors should know that this area is less about wildlife, but it primarily attracts guests with its historical legacy and scenery (by the way, the best way to enjoy it is by hiking or renting a scooter, guided tours in this case are less necessary).

Old Catholic Church, Bokor

Old Catholic Church, Bokor (credit)

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