Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Blyde River Canyon located in Mpumalanga province South Africa is a 26 km long, 2500 deep canyon covered with vegetation, making it the largest green canyon in the world. The canyon itself is made of red sandstone mostly. Blyde River Canyon and surrounding regions are among the top attractions in South Africa.

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

Reaching Blyde River Canyon

Vervet monkeys - Blyde River Canyon Wildlife

Vervet monkeys – Blyde River Canyon Wildlife

You can access the canyon easily from the west of the Kruger National Park. You can also travel from Johannesburg and drive through the panoramic routes of Belfast, Dullstroom and Pilgrim’s rest to reach the Canyon.

Blyde River Canyon Wildlife

Blyde River Canyon is home to a huge diversity of life, including hippos, antelope species, crocodiles and fish. You can even see bush babies, Samango monkeys and vervet monkeys. It is a paradise for bird lovers. The most beautiful Narina Trogon and other species like black eagle, cape vulture, jackal buzzard, African fish eagle, bald ibis, Purple crested lourie, sunbird, Gurney’s sugar bird, emerald cuckoo, golden tailed woodpecker and long crested eagle can be spotted here.

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

The nature reserve has numerous attractions. God’s Window is a famous vintage point in this reserve. It was featured in the film “The Gods must Be Crazy”. Originally, the window is a rock that hindered a private farm and was moved to the reserve by the government due to quarry operations and farming in that area.

Bourke’s Luck potholes are other noteworthy attractions. Sustained kolks in the plunge pools of River Truer have eroded numerous cylindrical potholes that can be viewed here.

Bourke’s Luck potholes

Bourke’s Luck potholes

Blyde River Canyon Waterfall

Drakensberg mountains, Blyde River Canyon

Drakensberg mountains, Blyde River Canyon

Kadishi Tufa Waterfall in the Canyon is the second largest of the Tufa waterfall (where calcium deposits are absorbed much faster than they are eroded by running water. in the world. The formation resembles a face that is crying, so it is also known as “The Weeping Face of Nature”.


Drakensberg is the highest Mountain range in South Africa. The canyon lies within the stretch of this mountain range. The mountains are affluent in plant life. Around 2,153 plant species are grown here. Among them, 98 species are endemic or in the vicinity of endemic. Drakensberg Mountain Range has a lot of caves. Most of them feature rock paintings of Bushmen.

Blyde River Canyon Activities

The Nature reserve has many hiking trails. Horse riding is also available here. However, many people prefer to drive through the reserve. You can get mouthwatering sweets, savory and pancakes in the Pilgrim’s Rest or Grasktop. Wooden giraffes and knobby paper made of elephant dung can be bought here.

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