Biggest Aquarium in the World

There’s more to an aquarium than meets the eye. Here are the biggest aquariums in the world. Everything that makes a good aquarium great has to be in balance. The top 10 are: Georgia Aquarium, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Dubai Mall Acquarium, Turkuazoo, L’Oceanogràfic, uShaka Marine World, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Aquarium of Genoa, Aquarium of Western Australia and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. From the tank’s sizes and shapes to the fish life and sundry underwater elements that add to its natural look. Below is a snapshot of what the ten biggest aquariums of the world offer.

#1. Georgia Aquarium – Biggest Aquarium in the World

No matter how many such lists are out there, the Georgia Aquarium will always take the number one spot. Situated in Atlanta and holding more than 6.3 million gallons of sea water, you can certainly believe it to hold 100,000 marine creatures. Outside Asia, this is the only place you’ll find Whale Sharks. The exhibit is called the Ocean Voyager and it sure does stand up to that moniker. This is a must-see aquarium, if such sights are on your mind.

Biggest Aquarium in the World - Georgia Aquarium

Biggest Aquarium in the World – Georgia Aquarium

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