Best Things to Do in Johannesburg – “City of Gold”

Things to do in Johannesburg - City of Gold

Things to do in Johannesburg – City of Gold

#2 in Best Places to Visit in South Africa - Johannesburg, the “city of gold” in South Africa offers more tourist attractions than anyone can imagine. Here are the best things to do in Johannesburg. Moreover, some of them only cost a little penny and the experiences are worthwhile.

Best things to do in Johannesburg

Indulge in African-inspired spas; visit the Gold Reef City, Johannesburg Zoo, Lion’s Park, the city’s renowned museum such as Aparteid Museum; commune with the natives of Johannesburg’s cultural villages; explore Pilansberg Game Reserve and the world heritage site Cradle of Humankind; be amused at the entertainment hub Sun City; shop or just wander around the one-of-a-kind mall Brightwater Commons; enjoy go-karting; travel via hot air balloon; go boating at Vaal Dam; play at the city’s premier golf courses; get great deals at flea markets; or have a merry evening by going to clubs or drinking cocktails at an upmarket bar – there are more things to do depending on your lifestyle choice.

Cheap Luxury in Johannesburg

Spas are becoming popular in Johannesburg. They offer various luxury indulgences and unique experiences using traditional and superb African treatments while set in some of the city’s most sensational locations. For a price as low as R60 South African Rand (ZAR), one can relax and rejuvenate while overlooking the ocean, or be pleased while being massaged alongside Hippos on the banks of Zambezi river or near Table Mountain.

Free things to do in Johannesburg

If you are looking for free things to do, several attractions not only offer free experience but beneficial knowledge and rewarding feeling.

Visitors can hear judgements in public gallery of Johannesburg courts for free. With a rich South African history pertaining to human rights and equality, observing at hearings within the Constitutional Court will give you a view of how the country fought to liberate its people from the apartheid system. Also, enjoy a look of the fine collection of South African art displayed at the corridors of the courts’ building.

Emmarentia Dam-Johannesburg

Emmarentia Dam-Johannesburg

The Catholic church Regina Mundi, famous for its tag as the “people’s cathedral” that became the sanctuary of anti-apartheid protesters in the past, is also a great attraction to go with its fine choir that once sang for US First Lady Michelle Obama when she visited the place in 2011.

Johannesburg’s 78-year old public library is also a notable place to go. The exquisite details of brass in its towering doors as well as the parquet floors are well maintained even after centuries of wear and tear.

Of course, who would not love a free day in Johannesburg’s eco parks and gardens? Visitors can enjoy picnics and kayaking along the Emmarentia Dam while a collection of herbs and plants as well as terraced ponds and fountains will delight you at the Botanical Gardens.

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