Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country of stunning beaches, fiords, mountains and volcanic regions in the pacific ocean. “Kiwi”, as the New Zealanders call themselves also represent the country. Here’s a list of best places to visit in New Zealand. 

1. Queenstown

Acknowledged for the amazing scenery of the area, Queenstown is often referred as one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand and one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. With Lake Wakatipu being located nearby and Southern Alps surrounding the town, the Queenstown panorama is indeed very scenic, especially the view on the mountain-range, called The Remarkables.


Queenstown (credit)

2. Napier

Re-built after a severe earthquake, Napier is now a center of Art Deco architecture. Besides the superb architecture, other attractions, such as National Aquarium of New Zealand and Napier prison tour make it a truly great tourism destination and one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. The local waters and exceptional beaches make Napier also a great place for various water-sports.


Napier (credit)

3. Auckland

A grand metropolitan, Auckland is often referred as “The City of Sails” since many yachts can be seen in the local harbor. With numerous museums, superb shopping malls and famous fashion boutiques and exceptional restaurants being established in the city, Auckland is a great place for any modern travelers. Walking up the Sky Tower or the Harbors Bridge are must-do activities for any visitor of Auckland.


Auckland (credit)

4. Christchurch

The gem of Southern New Zealand, Christchurch is a place of great opportunities. Art galleries, art centers and museums make it a great culture-tourism destination. In nature reserves, such as Orana Wildlife park or Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, you will meet the treasures of local nature.


Christchurch (credit)

5. Dunedin

Carrying lots of Gaelic heritage, Dunedin might be the most Scottish town in the New Zealand. A lot of the streets in Dunedin have the same names as in Edinburgh. Dunedin is a true student’s town and locals seem to be friendlier than in the greater cities in New Zealand. Dunedin is a charming town with active culture life and various great activities offered to its visitors, such as hiking the Otago peninsula or swimming/ surfing in the local waters.


Dunedin (credit)


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