Best Places to Visit in Greece

Being the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Greece is known for its stunning beaches and islands. Santorini was voted as “The World’s Best Island” in a travel magazine and shipwreck beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world. Here’s a list of best places to visit in Greece.

1. Athens

The capital of modern Greece and the center of the Ancient Greek culture, Athens is one of the most famous cities in Europe and one of the best places to visit in Greece. In Athens, some of the best examples of the ancient heritage have remained, becoming the symbols of the city and whole Greece in general. The Acropolis is the most famous site and certainly a must-see when visiting this amazing city.


Athens (credit)

2. Zakynthos

First mentioned in the poems of Homer, Zakynthos is a wonderful island off the Greek coast, the third largest one in the country with superb beaches that make it a great vacation destination and one of the best places to visit in Greece. Natural arches, the Blue Caves, is one of the most impressive sites in Zakynthos, as well as the shipwreck of Navagio. Zakynthos is a great place to be explored by bicycle in order to fully enjoy the local scenery.


Zakynthos (credit)

3. Kefalonia

Tourist-friendly island of Kefalonia carries a great variety of nature gems. Magnificent mountains among with the blue sea water create a stunning scenery whereas unique nature formations such as Drogarati and Melissani caves, as well as the wonderful beaches make the island a great destination for out-door activities and seaside relaxation.


Kefalonia (credit)

4. Mykonos

Playing an important role in the ancient Greek mythology, Mykonos has always been one of the most popular Greek islands and one of the best places to visit in Greece. Nowadays, it is among the most visited tourism destinations. With plenty activities to offer, Mykonos attracts crowds of visitors who come to enjoy a great variety world-class beaches and the exceptional night-life and see the remains of the ancient culture, such as Delos archaeological site.


Mykonos (credit)

5. Rhodes

One of the most popular tourism destination in Europe, Rhodes Island used to be the place where one of the Seven world wonders – the Colossus of Rhodes was situated. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, Rhode attracts large masses of tourists every year, offering excellent relaxation possibilities along with rich historical and cultural heritage.


Rhodes (credit)


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