Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Known for its plethora of ancient ruins, temples and pyramids, Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Here’s a list of best places to visit in Egypt.

1. Luxor

The ancient city of Luxor, one of the best places to visit in Egypt has captured the imagination of many a historian including the world famous Homer. He referred to Luxor as ‘The one hundred-gated city’ owing to its enthralling architecture. The city rose to the zenith of its power between the periods of 2100 BC and 750 BC. When it comes to transportation, visitors to Luxor get more than expected. Apart from traditional transportation means, tourists also opt for felucca rides along the east bank, camel rides and also hot air balloons that sweep across the enchanting lands of Luxor.


Luxor (credit)

2. Cairo

Being the capital of Egypt and one of the best places to visit in Egypt, there is no doubt about the fact that Cairo can be considered to be one of the true cradles of civilization. However, Cairo is also home to the oldest university of the world; the Al-Azhar University of Cairo. With minarets and unique Arabic/Islamic architecture dominating the landscapes of Cairo, it comes as no surprise that the city is also known as ‘the city of thousand minarets’. The unique architecture reflects a lot of the glorious history associated with Egypt.


Cairo (credit)

3. Alexandria

Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city and also its largest seaport. The place also enjoys great historical significance as an ancient Egyptian city. Here is some more interesting information about the great city of Alexandria. As the name of the city suggests, it was founded by none other than Alexander the Great in 331 BC. The conqueror was only 25 years old when he developed this area. The city has had a glorious past since then serving as the most important spot for imports and exports and is one of the best places to visit in Egypt.


Alexandria (credit)

4. Hurghada

Unlike many Egyptian cities and towns that date back to thousands of years, Hurghada was only developed as late as the 20th century. The city serves as the contemporary face of the country of Egypt also serving as a leading tourist attraction. Though Hurghada has many attractions and activities to offer, the city’s popularity is slowly moving towards a deterrent to what the city stood for. With umpteen resorts and hotels going for the gold rush, the city seems haphazardly planned and overcrowded in parts.


Hurghada (credit)

5. El Gouna

A superb vacation destination, El Gouna is perfectly facilitated for any sort of traveler. Providing its visitors with 10 km of scenic beaches, you will find plenty of things to do there. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular in this picturesque town. For escaping the urban buzz, head to the white beaches of Tawila Island – you might even manage do see some dolphins!

El Gouna

El Gouna (credit)


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