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Africa is a wonderful travel destination – a land with rich culture and diverse wildlife; and an African safari is the best way to explore wildlife. On the safari you will see the majestic lion, the mighty elephants and many more animals in their natural habitat. The feeling is simply one to experience for yourself. Ranking African safari tours was not difficult since we had some clear winners.

Masai Mara African Safari

  • Country: Kenya, Area:  1,510 
  • Safari types & activities: Jeep safaris, trekking, boat safari and elephant safari
  • Times to visit: July, December for the Great Migration, June to Oct to increase chances of seeing many predators (lions, jaguars, spotted hyenas)
  • Admission Fee: $80/adult per night (24hrs), $45/child between 3 and 18
    African safari tours - Masai Mara

    African safari tours – Masai Mara

Masai Mara National Reserve  is our No.1 choice for an African safari tour. Masai Mara borders Serengeti along the Mara River. Though small by Serengeti standards, Masai Mara boasts of a high population of big cats – lions, cheetah and leopards. Densely populated with grass lands and rain forests, Masai Mara is just 240 km from Nairobi and accessible by both flight and road. You can also witness the great migration of wildebeests, zebras and smaller game.

Serengeti African Safari

  • Country: Tanzania, Area:  30,000 
  • Safari types & activities: Hot air balloon safaris, walking safari, picnicking, game drives
  • Times to visit: Same as Masai Mara

Derived from the Masai language it means endless plains where you will see zebras, wildebeests  lions, gazelles, impala,  buffalo,  rhinos, giraffes and many more animals.  If you are visiting during the migrations season (July when the millions of zebras and wildebeests move north to Masai Mara and in December when they return) Sayari Camp, on the Mara River is the place to be. You can witness the Great Serengeti Migration first hand.

Kruger Park Safari

  • Country: South Africa, Area:  19,485 
  • Safari types & activities: Safari tours on a Land Rover or similar vehicle, bush walks, hiking
  • Times to visit: Good throughout the year
kruger park safari

kruger park safari

Kruger National Park is 3rd on the list of African safari tours.  In the park you will find 147 different mammals, 114 species of reptiles and a variety of birds, amphibians and fish. Accommodation at the River Lodge by Sabie River is a fresh indulgence of comfort at the footsteps of wild outdoors. In the morning take the Land Rover safari for sights of the big cats, hippos, guided walk telling you about tracking animals. Victoria Falls is also accessible from here.

Other African Safari Tours in the Region

These are the 3 main wildlife reserves that provide the African safari experiences. However, there are others that are less known, remote, undiscovered and offer wildlife such as Gorillas, which are not found in the above.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Located to the west of Kruger Park, it is a private run game reserve that provides more luxury, privileges and personalized services to those who want to go the extra mile. Guests are pampered with high-end service, champagne and fine dining in the midst of wilderness.

Okavango African Safari

Okavango Delta located in Bostwana offers African elephant safari to visitors. Herds of elephants, wild dogs and assortment of birds can be found in the reserve. The famous Victoria Falls is also in close proximity.

Tswalu Kalahari African Safari

Tswalu is a private game reserve located in South Africa. The best part of Tswalu African Safari is that Game drives are customized to your own interests. Rhinos, cheetahs, lions can be spotted in the safari. Bush walks and horseback safaris are other activities visitors can indulge in.

KwaZulu African Safari

Located in South Africa, KwaZulu Natal Game Reserves is another private reserve. Uniquely positioned along the Indian Ocean, it is the only reserve that offers wildlife and sea -side activities together. On a really hot day you can cool off in the sea, venture into scuba diving or go deep sea fishing. For the adventures couples who want to take it to the next level, Kwazulu also offer hosting wedding ceremonies. Now what’s more memorable than a big cat in your wedding!

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