Ayers Rock in Australia – “Uluru”

Ayers Rock in Australia - Uluru - second largest monolith in the world

Ayers Rock in Australia – Uluru – second largest monolith in the world

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In the Northern territory of central Australia lies a rock formation of a huge sandstone known as Ayers Rock also called Uluru. Uluru is its aboriginal name. It is considered as a familiar icon in Australia. It is formed by remains left after a slow erosion of a natural mountain range, we can say it is an “island mountain“. Ayers rock is also considered as the second largest monolith in the world, the first one being Mount Augustus also in Australia.

Ayers Rock/Uluru Topography

Uluru is located on a strong earthly ground similar to the great Pyramids. The main character or quality is that the surface is strong and clear without any joints or cracks. Absolutely marvellous indeed!! This helps in its survival with no soil erosion. An explorer Earnest Giles portrayed it as “the remarkable pebble”.

Climbing Ayers Rock/Uluru

Climbing Ayers Rock, Uluru, Australia

Climbing Ayers Rock, Uluru, Australia

It is a thrill climbing to the top of the hill which would be say 1.5 km or a little more and taking a walk around the rock measuring around 9.5 km of course with a native guide and knowing their story and legends is definitely fascinating. The changing colour of the rock at sunshine and sun set is so amazing, that no tourists should miss.

Attractions Near Ayers Rock/Uluru

Alice spring is the main town in this region with, hotels and resorts with modern amenities. All major airports in Australia have got flights to Alice Springs. Transportation according to your need can be arranged from here to “The Rock”. Other Alice Springs holiday attraction in Northern territory of Australia are Alice Springs Desert Park, MacDonnell Ranges, Ewaninga Rock Carvings, Frontier Camel Farm, Pitchi Richi Sanctuary.

Ayers Rock Resort - Desert Garden Hotel

Ayers Rock Resort – Desert Garden Hotel

Kata Tjuta, also known as Olgas is a dramatic series of 36 dome-like formations in incredible lies near Ayers Rock. Olgas is supposed to be Ulru’s sister formation with several bumps. It takes a three hour walk around the wonderful rock system to enjoy the fantastic views of nature and the beauty of flowers and vegetations.

Ayers Rock Resort

There are many alternatives to accommodation while at the Ayers Rock Resort. If you are looking for a high-end experience  Sails in the Desert, and Desert Gardens Hotel are your options. For the budget traveller  Emu Walk Apartments,  Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge are great alternatives. You can also spend the night at Ayers Rock Campground that provides powered camp sites as well as air conditioned cabins. Lastly for ultimate luxury accommodation stay at Longitude 131°.

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