Axum, Ethiopia

Axum, Ethiopia

Axum, Ethiopia (credit)

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From the 1st and 6th century AD, Axum was the political center of the region (now Ethiopia) and a strategical point that connected Rome with India.

Axum Ethiopia Attractions

Despite the fact that not much has remained from the ancient majesty of this town, some objects have survived till today. The Axum obelisks are believed to be the tallest ones in the whole ancient world and still erect on the land of Axum. They are connected with several local legends. Built many decades later, the Church of St. Mary is another highlight of the town. Even though the present building was constructed in the 17th century,  the history behind it reaches all the way back to the 300 AD when the first Christian kingdom was established in Axum. The town simply vibrates from its exciting past!

Stelae Field, Axum

Stelae Field, Axum (credit)

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