Awassa, Ethiopia

Lake Awassa

Lake Awassa

Ranked #6 in Ethiopia Tourism

One of the prominent cities in Ethiopia, Awassa lies in the Great Rift Valley on the shores of Lake Awassa. Awassa is the capital of Peoples Region, Nationalities and Southern Nations and is also one of the popular tourist destinations in this region.

Awassa came into existence just fifty years ago and is today a bustling city. Walk through the streets and you will find many cycle commuters, aid workers, merchants, university and high school students going about their work.

Walking through the Streets of Awassa

The best place to enjoy the very essence of Awassa is to walk through its streets. Attractively designed buildings interspersed with palm trees make the town charming. Tourists enjoy mouth-watering food at the newly opened restaurants.

Newly constructed popular resorts like Haile and Lewi cater to guests coming here from all over the world. Located on the banks of a lake, Awassa attracts many weekenders from Addis Ababa. Read more about Addis Ababa here.

Lake Awassa teeming with Activities

A street in Awassa Town

A street in Awassa Town

Lake Awassa is a beautiful fresh water lake that is home to catfish, tilapia and barbus. The trees around the lake are inhabited by vibrant, colourful birds singing a chirping lullaby. Fishes residing in this lake are food for the plovers, storks, herons, kingfishers and fish eagle. Do not miss a visit to Amora Gedel, the beautiful lakeside park from where you can enjoy amazing views of the mountains beyond.

Awassa Town

Stroll along the town and you will find a vibrantly active atmosphere full of lie. Apart from the nursing institute, teacher training college, agricultural college and university, this town has a buzzing market. At this market you will find a variety of commodities including seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains, coffee and so on. You will also find straw mats, baskets and hats here.

Awassa Nightlife

Awassa is well known for its vibrant nightlife. You cannot miss the glowing neon lights that transform the streets at night time. Two prominent night clubs catering to the population here include the Egovai Club in Piazza, Field Bar and Restaurant and Network Club located at the Dashen Bank center.

Another must-see attraction in Awassa is the monument honoring the Sidama people. This is a statue made of mosaic featuring enset plant, the staple food of the Sidama people. At this monument you will also find a fountain and a climbing tower.

Awassa is an extraordinary place that offers tourists a wonderful and relaxing holiday experience. The warm climate and lovely tropical vegetation are mesmerizing to say the least.

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