Attractions & Things to do in Tanta, Egypt

The fifth largest city in Egypt is Tanta. It is situated 94 kms north from Cairo. Tanta is home to many cotton-ginning factories and the Egyptian cotton industry has thriving presence in Tanta. It is also an important rail hub across the Nile Delta.

Tanta, Egypt

Tanta, Egypt

Tanta Attractions

Tanta Mosques

Tourists appreciate the magnificent mosques that define the Tanta skyline. These ancient relics of history fascinate the tourists with their grand presence. The most visited and renowned mosque of the town is Sayed al-Badawi mosque. A mosque with a stunning architecture, it has its own share of legends that lend a mystic aura to its presence. The most important religious festival ‘Mawlid’ held in his memory & honor in the Nile Delta city of Tanta each year.

Experience the Mawlid Celebration in Tanta

To show respect to the great Sufi saint of yesteryear – Ahmed el-Bedawi – a week long birthday celebration is arranged every year in Tanta. Millions of devotees join this event – the largest of its kind in Egypt. The celebration also embraces the celebration of harvest as well. A carnivalesque atmosphere prevails as the area comes alive with merry making, religious songs and dances being performed and hawkers setting up their stalls of Egyptian sweet and savories for some brisk business.

Mawlid Celebration in Tanta

Mawlid Celebration in Tanta

University of Tanta

The University of Tanta is another place which you can visit while in Tanta. Since 1962 the university is offering superior learning experience to the students. It is one of the most prestigious and acclaimed universities in Egypt. The campus is impressive.

How to get to Tanta

Tanta is easily accessible from Alexandria, Cairo and Port Said by train. Train service is frequent and operates daily. Minibus / taxi services are also available. The expense is pocket-friendly. If you have a budget constraint and if you want some direct interaction with the locals a shared taxi is helpful. For the time -strapped tourists taxis are the fast and first choice.

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