Attractions & Things to do in San Antonio, Texas

There are tons of things to do in San Antonio. Rough rugged Texas has wonders, thrills and memories steeped in a history that goes back to the time when America was just starting out as a nation. This is what makes it so endearing and the city of San Antonio has come to be associated with all these attributes and more.

Fun things to do in San Antonio

Things to do in San Antonio - The Alamo

Things to do in San Antonio – The Alamo

No history buff will deny the importance of The Alamo. When you go visit 3000 Alamo Plaza you’re practically standing on 4.2 acres of history where a handful of Texans held out for thirteen days against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s centralist army. The end of the Alamo dates back to March 6, 1836, but even today it’s one of the most sublime symbols of boldness, fortitude and courage in the face of danger. America can’t be prouder to call San Antonio her own.

After you’ve soaked up this rich past, head downtown to the Rivercenter Mall where the splendid IMAX Theatre has a six-story screen and six-track stereo sound that takes you back to the time of the Alamo. It’s an experience you’ll never forget for as long as you live.

Moving on, all you art lovers will adore La Villita where this shopping center has you ogling at works of art worth investing in or gifting. Regional artists did it all, but you’ll think they were masterpieces worthy of an auction. Don’t forget the largest caverns in all of Texas. The Natural Bridge Caverns are an affair in awe and you and your camera will want to soak it all up. (You’ll find the former at 418 Villita and the latter at 26495 Natural Bridge Cavern Road.)
For floral beauty and exceptionally well maintained plant, shrub and tree species feast your senses on the San Antonio Botanical Gardens at 555 Funston Place. Not only will you be glad to walk amidst plant life from many world regions, but you’ll be happy to find indigenous Texan species growing in this lovely zone where education and conservation of plant life is promoted with undying passion.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

For a similar location but one that has culture brimming off the lid of beauty, check out 2202 Roosevelt Ave. where sits the sprawling San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. This 819-acre location takes you back into Texas’s history, which is one of the most dynamic in America’s past. From the Spanish Colonial missions to the parishes, you’ll find these and also two of America’s best surviving Spanish Colonial irrigation systems.

Of course, you can’t have talk of flora without fauna. This is why visiting the San Antonio Zoo at 3903 N St. Mary’s Street is a superb idea. With over 3,400 animals covering over 600 species, you can certainly be sure of a treat.
What’s Texas commonly known for the world over? Rodeo, of course. 401 Obst Road has just the thing. The Tejas Rodeo brings you the thrills and awe of all things rodeo, from agile cowboys to adrenalized bulls and the clowns that keep things rolling. There’s barbeque, music, dancing, liquor and dining too, enough to transform your day into something truly American. Or is it…Texan? Head on down to San Antonio and find out for yourself.

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