Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert - Driest Place on Earth

Atacama Desert – Driest Place on Earth

Ranked #5 in Chile Tourism

Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on earth. It composes of sand, salt lakes and felsic lava flowing towards the Andes. Visit the Moon Valley in Atacama to witness the magnificence and charm of nature, surprise yourself with color changing Salt Mountains and enjoy viewing the impressive Salt Lake.

How to get to Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert is located west of the magnificent Andes Mountains. From San Pedro de, an oasis village in Atacama Desert in Chile, you can reach the beautiful desert landscape via well paved road. To reach San Pedro easily, you need to first reach Calama, which is the nearest city. Flights are available from the capital city of Chile Santiago to Calama. If you want to enjoy some thrill, you can access San Pedro de by Car taking Pan-American Norte Route 5 from Santiago.

Atacama Desert Attractions

Salt Mountains

Salt Mountains or Cordillera de la Sal is located before the gateway of San Pedro de Atacama. The Mountains were formed millions of years ago. Viewing the Mountains during sunset, when the desert changes its color from red to purple and black offers you an awesome experience.

Moon Valley

Moon Valley

Moon Valley

Moon Valley in Atacama Desert in Chile is renowned for its impressive landscapes. It is an area with stones and sand formation. The winds have given a great texture and multitude of colors to the desert. It resembles the moon’s surface. The valley has dry lakes, which have salt composition with a beautiful white mantle. You can see blue, red, green and yellow colors in the lakes, when the sun varies its tones. You can enjoy viewing the ultimate beauty during sunset. On full-moon nights, the valley is mystically beautiful, silent and magnificent.

Toconao and Atacama Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Salt Lake

Atacama Salt Lake is a huge lake in the desert. It extends to 100 kms. The air is extremely dry and so the sky is very clear here, which makes it easy to see the other end of the salt lake.

Padre Le Paige Museum

Located towards a corner of the main square of San Pedro de Atacama, Padre Le Paige Museum showcases numerous mummies, skulls, utensils and weapons, offering a specimen of the evolution of the atacamenan culture over thousands of years.

On your trip to Atacama Desert in Chile – the driest place on earth, you can visit Altiplano, which is rich in species. You can view three varieties of flamingo and many unusual birds like Tagua, Suri and Guayata. Rica Rica is one of the common shrubs grown here, which is used to make a tasty herbal tea infusion.

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