Aspendos Theatre, Turkey

In the province of Antalya, an ancient city, called Aspendos is situated. It was established in the 1st millenium BC and the ruins of the once magnificent settlement have remained till today.

Aspendos Theatre, Turkey

Aspendos Theatre, Turkey (credit)

Aspendos Theatre Trivia

The most impressive site in the Aspendos is the amphitheatre which is one of world’s best-preserved examples of these kinds of constructions. The magnificent building was constructed in 155 AD and could host up to 14 thousand people that came to see the performances. Even today, Aspendos Theatre functions for hosting various events. Aspendos International Opera and Ballet festival is probably the most significant of them. Even if you don’t manage to see any performances in the amphitheatre, it is still among the most interesting historical sites in Turkey, so don’t spare7 EUR and include visiting the Aspendos Theatre in your travel plans!

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