Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Ashford Castle, Ireland (credit)

When tourists think of visiting castles, they imagine huge medieval structures, some of them being just ruins of what once was a great and solid building to house the kings, their families and crew, maybe supplemented with some museums and special exhibitions. Though, it is very rare that one gets a chance to actually stay overnight in a castle, which has stood on the land for several centuries. Well, if you already are hooked up by the idea, we kindly suggest you to visit Ashford Castle in Ireland, though, keep in mind that it is not an accommodation for a budget traveler and the room should be booked really timely.

Ashford Castle History

The history of the castle dates back to 1228 the initiator being Anglo-Norman family called de Burgh. Later on there were several other owners of the place and each one of them contributed to the castle in different ways for example Sir Richard Bingham was the one who added fortified enclave but Sir Binjamin Lee Guinness not only supplemented Ashford castle with Victorian style extensions but also extended the area, established new roads and planted trees. In 1939 the castle was sold to the government. The estate was opened as a hotel by Noel Huggard and since then it undoubtedly can be named among the well-known hotels in Ireland.

Ashford Castle Room

Ashford Castle Room

The castle is especially well-known for its suits and rooms since the approach in designing each one of them has been very individual. Plus the traditional atmosphere mingled with modern amenities creates special ambiance and enriches experience of everyone who spends a night in any of the rooms offered. The hotel can be considered rather large since it incorporates 83 bedrooms, six of them being suits.

Activities around Ashford Castle

The services of the estate are of high variety including even such activities as fishing, golfing, lake cruising, hawk walk, clay shooting and archery, kayaking and falconry. Those who prefer more relaxing activities can use the local health and beauty treatment.

Ashford Castle - Hawk Walk

Ashford Castle – Hawk Walk (credit)

In brief, not only Ashford castle is a structure of historical importance but it also is a masterpiece of architecture and arts and nowadays functions as high-class hotel providing every guest with true and genuine hospitality. The backdrop of Ashford castle, indeed, can be more described as romantic rather than contemporary and therefore the guests can be sure that they will feel relaxed and taken care of in these beautiful and green surroundings.

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