Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka (credit)

Set in an easy-to-find spot—at the end of the road on Sri Lanka’s east coast—Arugam Bay is one rural location where the jungles and abounding village culture will regale you with a touch of ethnic life.

Arugam Bay Attractions

In addition to this, there’s modernity in many other spots where you get to partake of some superb water sports, take a surf board out to meet the waves, and stay in some rather reasonably priced hotels and guesthouses. At sidewalk cafes that adorn this coastal locale, you’ll taste some fine Lankan cuisine. One great thing about Arugam Bay is it gets the same Antarctic winter swells Indonesia enjoys on its southern shores (in the middle of the year), so you’re certain to enjoy surfing here.

Arugam Bay - Surfing

Arugam Bay – Surfing (credit)

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