Argentine People

Argentine people are Roman Catholic, but only a small percentage of those attend church regularly and practice it emphatically. Argentina is mainly a place of Spanish and Italian people, and the official language of Argentina is Spanish. Italian, French, English, and German are also languages found in Argentina.

Argentinian People

Argentine People (credit)

When people think of music and/or dance and Argentina, they automatically put two and two together to equal the Argentine Tango. But the tango is not just a dance; it is a genre of music, just as Argentine Rock is.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango (credit)

Argentine people are educated well and they hold a fairly conservative lifestyle. They love family and enjoy meals together frequently. When they marry, it is custom for the mother of the groom and the father of the bride to walk the couple down the aisle, in effect pushing the maid of honor and best man out of their roles. It is not to demean friends but instead it honors the family.

The life of labor in Argentina is much friendlier to the men than the women. It is rare for a woman to hold a position of authority even though there is no statute stating they’re unable to attain such a position.


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