Arashi Beach, Aruba

Arashi Beach, Aruba

Arashi Beach, Aruba

Ranked #9 in Aruba Tourism

If you’re looking for shade to shield you from the hot sun, Arashi Beach has huts on the beach where you can acquire shelter.

Arashi Beach Attractions

There are plenty of photograph opportunities available here, from the iguanas on the land to the fish in the teal-colored water; from the palm trees to the “Arashi” sign that welcomes visitors to the beach. Arashi Beach is near the California Lighthouse, which has nothing to do with the state of California but rather it got its name from a steamship. The lighthouse is not open to the public, but it does give an additional reason to snap a photo. Windsurfing, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing are a few of the activities that can be done here.

Arashi Beach - California Lighthouse

Arashi Beach – California Lighthouse (credit)

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