Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros Island, Bahamas (credit)

Bahamas are well known for its particularly fascinating nature and scenery yet from all the places there is one that truly stands out. It is Andros Island. Not only the notable size (it is the largest of all the Bahamas islands) but also really unique nature formations and varied tourism offer is what suits thousands of visitors to spend their vacation on the island.

Andros Island Attractions

So, what kinds of activities are possible on the island? The list actually is quite long but the main feature is that Andros Island has been developed as a perfect destination for leisure and outdoor tourists – the ones, who like to participate in such activities as hiking, diving, snorkeling etc. There you will find third largest barrier reef in the world, dozens of blue holes and a large national park system, which already indicates that the island is not a typical resort for people to just lie in the beach. The number of services and attractions on the site is quite large, thus providing the tourists with best possible and diverse experience.

Andros Island - Church Blue Hole

Andros Island – Church Blue Hole (credit)

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