Amazon Rainforest Animals – An Embodiment of Earth’s Living Variety

Think of it this way. If you want to check out a location where some of the most varied, weirdest, craziest and sensationally beautiful species reside, the Amazon Rainforest takes the cake any day of the week. Not only are its plant life distinct and interesting, the land itself is an affair of lush vegetation, jungle growth, life and all things Nature.

The Amazon Rainforest is located in the region after the same name. It’s set in Brazil, one of the most diverse locations in the world when it comes to natural things. The importance of this rainforest is so marked that it’s a World Natural Heritage site. Also, being the largest tropical rainforest on Earth is no small thing. Obviously, the animal, bird and insect species here is sure to thrill, stupefy and dazzle you. They’ll stay in memory long afterwards.

Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

With 250 species of mammals, 2000 fish species and 1000 bird species to encounter you can expect this and more here in the Amazon Rainforest. Of course, tours aren’t out of the question. Get enrolled in one and get started on the adventure of a lifetime. Pack adequate tropical attire. Don’t forget to take mosquito-repellent creams with you as the spray equivalent isn’t allowed here. Sturdy footwear is a sure must-take and don’t forget some protective shin cover, if needed. You can shop for these in town before going on tour, so no worries there.

Be on the lookout for spider monkeys, golden lion Tamarins, the mighty anaconda and the largest rodent in the world, the capybara. Giant river otters and anteaters roam the canopies and the you could be lucky enough to spot a prowling jaguar before it lands a successful kill. Birds like toucans and macaws are easy to spot too. Then there’s the weird Rafflesia, a huge plant that eats flies by attracting them with the scent of rotting meat. The rare Amazon pink river dolphin lives hereabouts and who can forget the fearful piranhas.

Amazon Rainforest Activities

Look forward to a whole lot of fun. There’s jungle trekking, alligator spotting, piranha fishing, canoe rides, lectures on medicinal plants, bird watching, folkloric night shows, sport fishing and highly useful jungle survival courses. Each of these is awesome in their own right and you won’t come of it feeling like the same person. There are tours that let you visit tribal villages too and the sunrise tours are a lesson in utmost beauty.

There are plenty of other stuff to do here and a few of the above mentioned, like certain trekking and fishing opportunities are free. It’s all done in regulation with environmental laws. Apart from this, there are lots of free stuff like leisure activities and hikes through safe jungle zones and more besides. Check out the Canopy tours, the Science Grove, the Botanical gardens and the Municipal Park when you’re here.

These are but a small selection of the commonly known life-variety here in the Amazon Rainforest. The best way to learn more is to be a part of the experience. The Rainforest has the biggest river in the world running through her, the Amazon River. You may have heard of this before – the jungle has ways to change people. Well, they must have been referring to the Amazon Rainforest because there’s no greater or more beautiful wonder in the world that can literally change the way you look at life and your place in its grand flow.

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