Ajanta Caves, India

Ajanta Caves, India

Ajanta Caves, India (credit)

Over 1500 cave temples can be found in India and Ajanta Caves are among the most acknowledged ones. Cave temples are one of the most amazing phenomenon of Indian culture. Carved out in the rocks, they are a true proof of the human faith.

Ajanta Caves Trivia

Situated in the Maharashtra district, Ajanta Caves include approximately 30 Buddhist sacred sites and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the caves, the old religious paintings have remained till today. For several centuries, the caves were abandoned. In the 19th century they were re-discovered and have now become one of the most impressive religious sites in India.

Ajanta Ellora Caves Pictures

Inside Ajanta Caves

Inside Ajanta Caves (credit)

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves (credit)

Inside Ellora Caves

Inside Ellora Caves (credit) 

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